Our Story

We Three Girls was founded by three generations of creative women who love to graze. We were always munching on something, but felt constantly challenged to find that all-occasions, taste great, healthy, hearty snack.

That search led Liz to create the snack she knew was missing from the shelves. In addition to tasting great, she set out to make something that was wholesome and fun to eat. 

Our friends and family gave us lots of great feedback which helped us to perfect our recipes.  After nine months of preparation and three lifetimes of snacking, We Three Girls was born!

                              How We Do It

Our snacking granola is slow baked in small batches using only a few delicious ingredients. Made in Atlanta, we make yummy readily available to you. 

We support healthy eating initiatives in our homes and across the nation.  We are proud to give 10% of our profits to local food banks through FEEDING AMERICA.

                                 Our Mission

Our mission is to be the snack of choice for busy people and to encourage healthy eating in our communities. That’s why we package our granola in convenient snack-sized portions for the on-the-go consumer. We are working to create a healthier world one snack at a time.


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